Mr Brett Garcia

Clinical Case Manager

Brett Garcia is a Clinical Case Manager with over 20 years' experience in the professional Social Care, Education and Health sectors. He is committed and passionate about supporting clients with complex healthcare needs, and making a positive long-term difference to individuals and their families.

He has provided healthcare support to individuals and families of all ages and is particularly skilled in managing care and therapy teams, in both clinical and community settings. Brett has a clear understanding of trauma, post-traumatic stress, as well as neurological and cognitive conditions in children and adults.

Brett has also worked with clients who have a range of difficulties including spinal cord injuries, brain injury and degenerative conditions. As a Clinical Case Manager, Brett has supported clients and families through mental and physical rehabilitation and deterioration. He has extensive experience working with multidisciplinary teams and completing in-depth clinical assessments, risk assessments, care plans and coordination of cases.

Brett’s professional background in psychology has given him a strong interest and passion for systemic interventions, supporting and managing teams around clients to promote calm and secure dynamics, rehabilitation goals and potential, and quality of life. Getting the best and most out of a team while sustaining their interest in the role is a valuable skill in case management which Brett brings in nicely.

Brett is also trained and qualified to complete neurodevelopmental diagnostic assessments of autism and ADHD and he has worked extensively within multicultural diverse backgrounds.

As the Elected Chair of MIND in Croydon, a prestigious voluntary position, Brett provides senior leadership in management and clinical guidance in the delivery of the charity’s services. Providing a good quality support service is core to his professional values.