Our Philosophy

A psychology-informed service, SBK Case Management prides itself on providing a client-personable, transparent, responsive and bespoke service. Our clients have significant and complex disabilities, particularly as a result of an acquired brain injury, and require specialist rehabilitation, and therapeutic care and support.

Using our psychological training, we first and foremost recognise the trauma and loss that underpins all our clients' and their families' experiences. We understand the impacts injury has on our clients, sit with and support them. Holding this appreciation close, we aim to empower our clients to improve functional independence, increase their wellbeing and regain a meaningful life following an injury or illness. With the professional teams around them, we discuss what is in the best interests of our clients, placing them and our understanding of them at the heart of our processes while maintaining respect, dignity and privacy, and safeguarding their interests. Our duty of care to our clients means that we carry out our role to the highest standards using skilled, reliable and dedicated practitioners, addressing psychological as well as physical influences. We are also skilled at navigating client needs within family, care and professional systems to help manage the complexities, challenges and risks.

We ensure our service is cost-effective, but effective, high-quality with expert and experienced input to best support the individual, alongside their family, care team systems and professional network.

SBK Case Management utilises the skilled and appropriate role of Assistant Case Managers (under the supervision of a Case Manager) who have a number of years of health and care experience as well as working alongside case managers and other medico-legal colleagues.

Uniquely, we can also work with different languages: Urdu, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia.